• Contracting

    Contractors or equipment rental companies rely on VD Power for a varied range of high-quality generators. Available in 10 to 300 kVA, our generators are specifically built for machines and construction site installations. 

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  • Farming

    As a farmer, you undoubtedly realize the importance of electric current. Think about stable ventilation, for example. You can definitely use all the power you need to create the perfect ambient temperature for your animals. 

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  • Electricity installer

    As an electrical installer, you can buy one or more generators at Vandaele Machinery / VD Power. Together we decide which application is most suitable for your client or project.

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  • Fun fair

    Being the owner of a fairground attraction, you undoubtedly need sufficient electric current.

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  • Industry

    Electric current is indispensable in an industrial enterprise. The consequences of a power cut may be disastrous in some enterprises and it can cost you fortunes.

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  • Shipping

    A bargee always has to have everything close at hand. This also includes your power supply.

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  • Health Care Organisation

    Power failure in a health care organisation can be disastrous. Luckily you can arm yourself against this scenario by purchasing an emergency generator.

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  • Private person

    A power cut can be utterly annoying. At home, too, a blackout immediately causes discomfort. 

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  • Event organiser

    When you regularly organize events such as exhibitions, congresses, seminars, weddings, fashion shows and festivals, you need to have sufficient power supply for your electrical apparatus.

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  • Rental business

    Are you running a rental company? Then you are undoubtedly always looking for professional and reliable machines.

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Buy a power generator

Whichever industry you are active in, you always need power. That is why you can buy power generators at Vandaele Power. This way, you are absolutely sure of electric power at all times.

Temporary, permanent and backup power generators

Some industries, such as the events industry, are better off with a temporary power generator. Such a generator is compact and easily transportable, so you can drive from one place to another without any problem. A temporary power generator is also very suitable for the building industry. Permanent power units are a perfect solution in shipping. Backup power generators are suitable for all industries.

Would you like to buy a power generator? Then please visit our showroom. Our sales team is happy to advise you. For more information you can always fill in the contact form.

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