Emergency generator

Power failure in a health care organisation can be disastrous. Luckily you can arm yourself against this scenario by purchasing an emergency generator. When the switch box signals that there is a power failure, the emergency generator automatically starts up and power supply is again guaranteed. This way, critical surgeries can be effected without having to worry about technical issues. Patients who are dependent on electrical apparatus (e.g. a respiratory apparatus) will not be in mortal danger due to power failure.

Retirement homes can benefit from an emergency generator as well. Imagine the following situations: the heating or the air conditioning stops working, no more meals can be prepared, a blackout causes panic... These are only a few of the negative effects resulting from a power failure that can be avoided by using an emergency generator.

Would you like to install an emergency generator on your premises? Then please contact Vandaele Machinery / VD Power by dialing 056/67 40 11 or by filling in the contact form. Our employees are happy to help you with professional advice.   

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