Backup power generator during blackouts and power cuts

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No more power cuts

A backup power generator is an absolute must in many sectors. Think about hospitals, data centers, airports or other companies or sectors where a power cut or blackout could be a complete disaster. A backup power generator allows you to focus on your main activities without having to worry about any doom scenarios and guarantees continuity at all times.

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Save money and trouble

Obviously, you want to reduce the risk of damage from power cuts. A backup power generator saves you from all concern. You will recover the cost of a backup power generator in no time. Should a blackout occur, you will not suffer any production loss. You can still be at your customers’ service as quickly and professionally as ever!

Operation and maintenance

When the backup power generator is installed, a switch box follows up the status of the mains current in detail. If a blackout occurs, the generator will automatically start up and transmit the current from then on. A blackout or power cut is no longer reason for panic!

Although you will not be needing your backup power generator for most of the time, it is recommended to submit the generator to a trial run for 15 minutes a week. This will be programmed by our installers. Once a year, we will contact you when the generator needs a maintenance.

Would you like to know more about our backup power generators? Please contact us online or by phone on 056/67 40 11. Of course, you are always welcome in our showroom, too, where our sales team will happily assist.

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