Buy a generator for your construction site

Vandaele Power’s generators can be used to power (fast-erecting) tower cranes, concrete mixers, mobile batch plants, sub pumps and sanitation systems. For portable cabin units, lighting, heating and air conditioning as well, you can find the right type of generator at Vandaele Power.

The right generator for every construction site

More and more contractors are opting for in-house tower cranes and generators. It allows building projects to be finished considerably faster. Do keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. Is there a constant need for energy (pumps) or rather peak loads (cranes)?
  2. What’s the age of your machines and systems that need power?
  3. Which capacity is required? A crane with a variable frequency drive (VFD) requires half the capacity of a crane without VFD.

Ideally, a generator performs at 60 – 70% of its full capacity. Opt for a slightly larger generator than strictly necessary to avoid refills at undesired times.

Buying a generator also implies consuming fuel. At VD Power we are very careful to provide sturdy machines and external fuel connections. There’s added protection for the alternator, remote control and the power plug boxes as well.  

Full service

Vandaele Power’s generators outlast the competition. Still, keeping your generator in mint condition requires some maintenance every now and then. We advise you to let us have a look at your generator every 500 hrs. Maintenance is possible at Vandaele Power’s work station in Oostrozebeke or on-site.

Interested in buying a generator? Fill in our contact form or call us at 056/67 40 11. Or just stop by! Would you rather lease a generator, then we’ll gladly redirect you to Vandaele Rental, our sister company.

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