Power cut

A power cut can be utterly annoying. At home, too, a blackout immediately causes discomfort. The lights go out, the heating is no longer working, meals cannot be prepared anymore... Fortunately you can guarantee power supply at all times using a backup power generator.

When the mains electricity is cut off, the backup power generator automatically starts up and supplies power. 

Small power generator

For small and mobile applications, too, we are at your service. Are you organizing a party in a tent? Do you have a real chore to do in the garden? A small power generator allows you to use electric power in places where this would otherwise be difficult or even impossible.

Would you like to install a backup power generator at your premises or are you interested in a small power unit? Then do not hesitate to contact us by phone (056/67 40 11) or online. Our employees will happily answer all your questions and will assist you with professional advice.

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