Buy a power system

Prevent loss of current

Electric current is indispensable in an industrial enterprise. The consequences of a power cut may be disastrous in some enterprises and it can cost you fortunes. Therefore, it is recommended to take precautions and not to endanger your professional activities. Vandaele Machinery / VD Power guarantees a continuous power supply.

Production and backup power systems

VD Power is specialised in selling power systems. You can find several kinds of production and backup power generators in our showroom. You are welcome to visit or contact us for an appointment on your premises. Our sales team will happily give you more information about our extensive offer.

Extra work? Extra power!

If your power supply is not sufficient to anticipate a (temporary) increase in your activities, an extra power system is an excellent solution. This way, extra work no longer poses any electric problems.

Please contact us for more information about our power systems.

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