Rent a power generator

Easy and cheap

Are you organizing an event or are you working on a builder’s yard and do you temporarily need extra power or lighting? In that case, you might as well rent a power generator instead of buying one. This way, you save an investment, while still getting your work done.

VD Machinery Rental

If you would like to rent a generator or a light tower, you can always appeal to our sister company: VD Machinery Rental. Take a look at their assortment. You can also immediately consult the price list. Moreover, VD Machinery Rental offers the same service as VD Power.

VD Machinery Rental is located on a different address than Vandaele Machinery / VD Power. If you want to rent a power generator, light tower or equipment, you should go to Ingelmunstersteenweg 190 in Oostrozebeke. You can always contact them on 056/ 67 40 00.

Need more info?

Have you got any questions about buying or renting a power generator from us, then please feel free to contact us. We would be very glad to help you out. 

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Vandaele Power

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